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Honeymoon Bay Tasmania
Hello and Welcome to Pen + Planet!

Welcome to Pen + Planet and thank you so much for stopping by! I’m Jess – lover of chocolate, serial photo-taker, friend to the animals and creator of this blog. I am an avid traveller, and would happily spend my days going from country to country with a sketchbook in one hand and my camera in the other. I don’t travel full-time, however I try to explore as much as possible – whether on the other side of the world or down the road from where I live. I’m also a passionate advocate of sustainability and the protection of our environment. But enough about me!

Pen + Planet is a place for sharing stories, images and ideas with the hope of inspiring others to explore more, create more and ultimately lead a more sustainable and socially responsible lifestyle.

Inspiration in the Every Day

Sometimes it can be hard to see inspiration in everyday life. As a freelance creative, I know just how easy it is to feel a bit lost and without a cause sometimes. Here at Pen + Planet, I want to share stories from every-day people from across the globe. I find that talking, listening and sharing with like-minded people boosts my inspiration and creativity levels. In fact, doing this with people whose opinions I don’t share does the same! It’s good to hear stories from all walks of life as it can keep us in touch with what inspires us at our core. There’s a lot that can be learnt from others.

Images from Everywhere

We’ve all seen stunning photographs from all four corners of the planet that trigger our wanderlust. Whether you are able to travel or not, travel photography connects us all to the wider world. It makes us feel like we know a part of that place at a particular moment in time. It is a powerful tool, and has been taken to the next level through advancements in quality travel vlogs, films and documentaries.

But what about those places that aren’t quite so exotic? Your local high street or the road you grew up on? These places can be equally as fascinating when caught on camera. I want to share images from everywhere, to show that inspiration can be found on every inch of the planet for those willing to find it. Photography isn’t the only way to capture this – drawings, paintings, poems and more can all capture the essence of a place.

Small Changes to Save Our Planet

It’s no secret the planet is changing, and it’s largely down to us. If there is one thing that you won’t convince me otherwise on, it’s that climate change is real. It’s happening now. Don’t believe me? Ask NASA. Or The Royal Society. Or the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority…the list goes on. The evidence stacks up. It isn’t a hoax, and we should be doing everything in our power to prevent further damage and protect our planet.

So, what can we do? It can be difficult to know where to start. However there are plenty of small changes that each of us can make, which are easy to fit into your routine and lifestyle. Keep an eye on the ‘Planet’ tab in the menu for ideas and inspiration!

Thank you for visiting Pen + Planet! If you would like to keep in the loop about what we are up to then please do subscribe, follow us on social media or even drop us a message to say hi! We would love to hear from you.

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