Hoi An Tailors – A Guide To Shopping Responsibly For Tailored Clothes

Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam, is famous for many things. The beautiful Old Town, with its yellow stained walls and charming alleyways. Vibrant silk lanterns that adorn every building, street and stretch of river. Delicious street food, thriving markets and lush Vietnamese countryside. But Hoi An is also famous for its tailors, which can be found around almost every corner of every street in the Old Town. If you are looking for a new custom outfit, Hoi An is the place to be. With a vast number of tailors to be found, you can grab […]

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8 Ways To Help Save The Planet In 2018

Vietnam Sunset

2018 has kicked off to a promising start here in the UK with regards to the environment. With Scotland joining a growing number of countries to be phasing out single-use plastic in the next few years, and the government finally taking steps towards more eco-friendly options, we are starting to see change. There’s definitely a long way to go, but there are so many things we can do to help save the planet. Here are 8 things to get you started! 1. Kick Plastic To The Curb Let’s face it, it’s no […]

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